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Since 1986, when Clare and Tony, founded the Business Advisory Bureau Limited the main focus of our work and our cumulative specialist expertise has been devoted to helping large organisations, including Government.

We provide specialist services to enable our clients to better engage with and supply products and services which meet the needs of small and micro business owners.

Here is an update on our recent work and what we offer


Our passions develop our expertise for you

tina-boden-at-10-downing-streetTina is an Ambassador for Small Business Saturday and for the second year, spoke at lead up events, joined the tour bus, went to a ‘market’ at Downing Street and visited most of the towns in Yorkshire and Humberside on the day itself.

Enterprise Rockers, including Nigel, Clare and Tony supported Tina and the day with online and offline promotion.

Tony has campaigned for 18 years against unfair payment terms from large organisations (av payment time is around 70 days) and again in 2014 has asked Government to use procurement and funding (e.g. vocational training) to only contract with organisations that pay all their suppliers within 30 days. To date we have only found 4 large companies to recognise as paying within 30 days – Lloyds Banking Group, Sage (UK), Vinci and Morgan Sindall. It’s not good enough and we won’t stop trying!!

Nigel, Tony, Tina and Clare have a passion for improving the survival rate of small and micro enterprise owners everywhere. Year after year we have provided research and evidence that UK business support and enterprise learning is not meeting the needs of prospective and new business owners.

For 2015 Nigel has produced a radical manifesto for us on the enterprise learning provision we would like to see available in the UK.

View The Manifesto Here

All comments and support welcome.

Our recent work for you – Speaking and Broadcast Engagements

As many of you know, Tina and Tony carry out many paid speaking engagements, as well as broadcast media appearances, throughout a year. MADE Festival was one of the highlights where they spoke on the same bill with the wonderful Brad Burton and the brilliant Jonathan Dowden of Sage UK.

Some of our talks are to your employees. You may want to help them engage and provide better products and services to self-employed people and small and micro business owners. As a result we have now produced a first in customer service training with the #MicroBizMattersShow

Information on the MicroBizMatters Show

Our research and e-learning capability for your enterprise support and skills provision

Together we have decades of experience in researching the worlds of enterprise, skills and developing people. This ranges from in-depth interviews and discussions with business owners through to surveys and number crunching official statistics. We have undertaken bespoke analyses of labour force micro data and helped interpret other statistics. For example, there has been huge growth in businesses with no employees, such as the self-employed and sole traders, since the turn of the century and we have developed graphs and infographics to explain this phenomenon.

Qualitative research has helped us to understand how small business owners develop the skills, know-how and other attributes they need to survive and thrive in the world of enterprise. As is often the case, our research has been used to inform policy and practice. For example, we summarised the research evidence to develop the twenty-seven principles in Engaging small businesses in effective learning for SFEDI.

This approach to evidence-based practice is currently helping an outstanding Further Education college to create e-learning programmes in essential enterprise abilities, such as winning and keeping customers and managing money. Business owners will be able to dip in and out of the on-line programmes as their time allows, applying the lessons from short videos and articles in their own businesses.

A tad old fashioned but very effective for you – we do ‘hard’ published media too

There’s a story to this one:

In 1986 Clare Francis and I formed BAB, The Business Advisory Bureau Limited and our first copywriting client was a local MP for whom we wrote weekly Press Releases and Editorial features.

In 1987 Almac Design was formed which later became Almac Design and Print having invested heavily in a fully equipped digital colour printing studio. So since 1987 we have worked together, in partnership to meet, hundreds of clients’ copywriting, design and production – high quality print needs.

Naturally we’ve specialised in B2B copywriting and design with a particularly emphasis on designing training, learning and support media, business opportunity kits, events’ invitations and programmes, ‘corporate’ histories, with literally hundreds of assignments to promote products and services. The output has been in all formats including print, PDFs, videos and full DVDs.

Tony does the writing, Clare does the editing and Alan McDonagh and his team do the design and production to fully meet your needs. We are specialists in marketing. Tony is an award winning writer and a Chartered Marketer (not a lot of people know that), what we call ‘people focused products and services’. These are publications aimed at people as learners, conference delegates, executives, employees, customers, prospective and existing business owners.

We can send you examples of our work with the theatre style, programmes we wrote for SFEDI Award events at the Bank of England (4), HMS Belfast, BAFTA, Magic Circle and Kensington Roof Gardens

From the copywriting archive here are TONY’S TURN – a series of HR (personnel) related articles, that contain some serious messages under cover of a fairly lighthearted tone.

1. Sheaths shape the future for personal development.

2. Office life in a goldfish bowl isn’t for non swimmers.

3. Big organisations should bottle the essence of people management as found in many small businesses.

4. Putting people in boxes leads to square heads.

5. Save the Beard! A Beard Equality Commission Campaign, in association with the World Beardlife Fund.

6. I could turn out to be a star, if only you’d open your eyes and look at me.